ryan dharma station 4 leaf clover.jpgUsually, our “Lost” podcast features a bevy of people watching the show a day or so after it airs, connected via Internet chat to create a virtual watching experience. That experience is always virtual for you, the listener, but it’s virtual for us as well: we’re usually in different time zones, often watching in different ways, and only connected through the power of Al Gore’s interwebs.

This week? Totally different! The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan and I were both in Los Angeles, filming this week’s episode of “Instant Dharma.” We watched the East Coast feed before taping, and by the time we were done, we realized the episode would be airing AGAIN in an hour. So I grabbed my laptop, hooked up my microphone, and the two of us recorded the podcast right there and then.

Even if you’ve read my take on the episode already, it’s worth a listen: in some ways, the podcast allowed us to go even deeper into the smaller moments that sometimes get lost when constructing an overarching recap (Sawyer seeing the liferafts float to shore, for example). If you’re wondering about next week, we’re going to do at least two podcasts: one being a summary of the finale with a special guest, and another that will answer reader questions coming out of the final episode.

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But for now, sit back, and enjoy!


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