ryan dharma station 4 leaf clover.jpgI’m extremely excited and proud to bring a new (hopefully weekly) feature here to the “Lost” blog. Today, I introduce “Orientation: Ryan Station,” a weekly audio show between myself and Maureen “Mo” Ryan from The Chicago Tribune. (We even have our own little logo, courtesy of my wife’s design skillz.)

Eventually, if there’s enough interest, we’ll figure out the architecture to make this a podcast series, but for now, we’re embedding the audio in the entries here. We love “Lost,” even if we don’t always understand technology. Bear with us as we start this series out.

What we’ve started to do is not merely talk about “Lost”: we’re providing our own weekly audio commentary to the most recent episode. Think of them like the commentaries you hear on DVDs sprinkled in with a little “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.” Mo and I watched from our respective homes, connected through Skype, and recorded through GarageBand on my MacBook. Since I recorded it on my computer, I sound a little louder than Mo, but I think both of us come through clearly.

Since “LA X” was a two-hour episode, we split up our commentary in two, one for each hour of the show. If you turn down the volume on “LA X,” and listen along to our commentary, you should be able to virtually watch the episode alongside us, without the inconvenience of us eating your food and drinking your beverages. So, win win for both of you. I’ve put in some musical placeholders in between acts, so you won’t have to worry about being out of sync with us. Part 1 is below, and Part 2 can be found here.

If you like what you hear, please let us know. The powers than be, as well as Mo and myself, are anxious for feedback on these. Personally, we had a blast, and hopefully that comes through in our commentary.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the inaugural edition of “Orientation: Ryan Station”!


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