emilie de ravin lost 320 'Lost': Producer Elizabeth Sarnoff parallels Claire and crazy lady Rousseau

“Lost”‘s Claire Littleton.
What in the &#$! is up with that chick this season?
Well, this Tuesday, it’s all about Ben Linus, but since we already got the tease on that from Michael Emerson, we decided we just had to harrass show producer Elizabeth Sarnoff about C.L.
As you’ll see in the clip below, the first thing she admits is that there are a lot of parallels between Claire and crazy lady Rousseau: They both had a baby, they both had their baby stolen. They’ve both been on the island on their own, trying to survive on their own.

But is the sickness which Claire is supposedly suffering from actually the same sickness Rousseau was babbling on about back in season one?
Watch the video for Sarnoff’s answer, plus a little extra insight into this season’s flash sideways’…


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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh