adam-horowitz-eddy-kitsis-lost-320.jpgExactly two months from today, we’ll be watching the series finale of “Lost.”

We know, we know.
But it’s going to be okay.
And the ride between then and now will be epic, no doubt, especially with so many questions still left to be answered.

This week’s (March 23) episode is a big one for Nestor Carbonell‘s Richard, but what about our other favorites? Will Jin and Sun ever reunite? When will Juliet be back on our screen?

Korbi TV attempted to get some answers from “Lost” writers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis — even offering them cash money — but they played it cool.

“Listen, we could tell you all these things, but what would be the fun in that?” Kitsis asks in the clip below. “Because then you’d know everything.”

“Let’s say [Juliet] were coming back,” Horowitz says. “Would you want to know that? To me, that’s the big thing with the questions … Do you really want the answers, or would you rather be surprised?”

And then executive producer Carlton Cuse crashed our interview and told us how the series ends.

He’s kidding. We think.

Or not.
Watch the video for his take on what the island really is, as well as Horowitz and Kitsis talking circles around us…
Posted by:Marisa Roffman