Whew, this was a brutal one to recap. Not just due to its length, but because I wrestled the entire time with the fact that this episode might have been all that great. Some gripping moments, and shocking violence, but not a strong beginning-to-end episode of Lost. And while I tried to give the show the benefit of the doubt, in the end I have a sneaking suspicion that events laid out in tonight’s episode may eventually unpack brilliantly in the future, but leave us more confused than ever in the short term.

In any case, you can read my full take here. Make sure, as always, to leave your pressing questions below. And since he returned this week (albeit in a scene that made my blood boil, and not in the good way), make sure to preface all questions for “Letters from The Flame” with a great big honkin’ WAAAAAAAAAAALT.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee