emilie-de-ravin-lost-320.jpgLongtime “Lost” fans were quite happy to learn that Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire) would be returning to the series in a big way this season after both being M.I.A. for a time.

When we sat down with Kim and de Ravin recently, they joked that they had been off together, working on the show’s spin off. 

But, in truth, the two were just biding their time until they could come back and learn more about what the deal with “Lost” really is.

So what is the deal?

Will Jin meet his baby sooner than later?

Of course Kim wasn’t going to reveal the answer (although he laughed when the question was asked), but de Ravin did let a little morsel slip, saying she’s quite happy with the surprises that have come for her character this year: “I really get to play a whole
other side of Claire, along with the old Claire though, which is pretty
sweet, as an actor, to get that challenge of basically playing a couple
characters at the same time.”

You don’t say…

No, she totally does.

See for yourself…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh