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Depending on how much you’ve let go of your feelings about the “Lost” series finale, the video above will either give you a nice chuckle or make you frustrated all over again.

We’re in the former camp. “Lost” executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse made a return trip to Comic-Con Friday (July 22), surprising fans at a “one year later” panel (Hitfix has a good account of all the Darlton shenanigans). They eventually screened the “deleted scene” above, a winking acknowledgment of the oft-aired criticism that they were making up the show as they went along.

Among the revelations in the scene: The Man in Black’s actual name is Barry.

The new footage, intercut with a scene from the Season 1 finale, was shot earlier this summer by primary “Lost” director Jack Bender, with Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver agreeing to reprise their roles as Jacob and, uh, Barry.

So what do you think? Too soon, or just a bit of fun?

Posted by:Rick Porter