OK, we’re back with Part 2 of my look at the Lost Season 3 Blu-Ray only special feature "Access: Granted." If you bought Season 3 on normal DVD, well, you’re plum out of luck. You won’t find this. Luckily for you, I’ve seen the Blu-Ray features, and will pass them onto you. I’m helpful like that.

If you need a primer into what exactly "Access: Granted" is all about, make sure you read the first part of my analysis. You’ll get the 411 on the premise, the players, and analysis of the initial half of the topics involved. Today, we’ll look at the second half. On with the show!


DLCC note who is dead: Charlie, Kelvin, Mikhail, Nikki, Paolo, Christian…wait, Christian? Christian Shepard’s dead? Damnit. There go about 72.6% of my theories about the show. I’m still holding out hope over that empty coffin, however. Something’s fishy. And I really, really want to know why we see him for a split second in the Season 4 trailer. Guy’s got more lives than Mikhail, it seems.

Another interesting thing of note: DLCC confirm that the Sawn imploded, not exploded. Cuse refers to the Swan as an "ultra-dense metal ball" at one point. I have a feeling this is a ridiculously important fact that will pay off in Season 4. I’ll have more on this in a few topics.


DLCC confirm "Hostiles=Others," which seems like a good piece of info, only they then backtrack and say that not all Others were Hostiles. If I were mathematically inclined, I’d make you all a Venn diagram right now to try and illustrate the tangled web these two weave as they back painfully away from a simple "A=B" statement.

They also hint that we’ve hardly see the last of the existing people on the Island. Great. More people on the Island. Some commentators theorize these are Dharma people still hiding from the Hostiles, others believe that there are pockets within the Hostiles, some of which did not want to conform to Ben’s standards of living, and have broken ranks at some time in the past.

My instant take: what if these other Others live at the temple? And Ben wanted to reform ranks to mount opposition to those on the freighter?


OK, huge reveals/confirmations in this one. DLCC confirm that this is one man using three names. That’s a great confirmation. (The phrase they use is, "If I were a betting man." Cuse makes that statement, Lindelof says, "I would take that bet." Good enough for me.) But no, there’s more: Cuse actually uses the word "incident" to explain why Candle has a fake hand. This places him at the scene of the incident that, in my opinion, created the Jacob/Smokey entities. Very cool stuff.

Henry Gale

DLCC state the original Gale was not a member of the Dharma Initiative, but "an unlucky soul."Jensen’s theory: he’s a PI sent by Penny Widmore, making him the prototype perhaps for Gary Troup, writing of "Bad Twin."

It’s important to point out once again that the balloon that brought Gale to the Island was produced by the Widmore Corporation. So what if Gale is an "unlucky soul" provided a balloon by Widmore as part of an ongoing series to locate the Island? Maybe he’s sending in people in the general vicinity over a period of decades, trying to extrapolate an ever more accurate location of the Island. First Gale, then Desmond, then the freighter. Worth thinking about.

Also worth thinking about: in the tour of Ben Linus’ house, they point out four period prints of, you guessed it, air balloons. When a man off-camera asks Michael Emerson, "Do you like to fly balloons?", Emerson (in semi-character) replies, "Some people like to fly balloons." This balloon is freakin’ important, people. (A complete analysis of that tour will come this week. There are some huge questions raised by it.)

Richard Alpert

DLCC confirm that was the one and the same Richard Alpert that Ben met in the jungle as a young boy. Huh. Didn’t know this was an outstanding question on anyone’s mind. Weird.

Malcom obliquely refers to the Life Extension Project within the Hanso Foundation, although I’m not sure she means this particular aspect of "The Lost Experience" or is just referring to the concept in general. It’s worth remembering this little bit of the "Experience," however, when thinking about Alpert.

Terry theorizes that Alpert’s agelessness could mean the show’s title could not refer to a "where" but a "when." I would say this: if you had to save the world, if would behoove you to find a place outside of time in order to give yourself wiggle room to get your work done. And I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Anthony Cooper

DLCC confirm that the Others kidnapped Cooper and brought him to the Island. They also say there are other Others activities currently going off in the island in our world as we speak.

My question about Cooper wasn’t so much IF they kidnapped him, but WHEN. When Ben tells Tom to get the man from Tallahassee, was he actually giving an order to go, right there and then, to Tallahassee and snag him? Or was his ordering Tom to get an already kidnapped Cooper closer to the compound?  I’m more intrigued by the former option, and given Cooper’s fresh wounds and fresh fear when Locke encounters him, seems the only likely explanation.

Dharma films

DLCC state that there are six official hatches, but that doesn’t mean there are merely six hatches overall. The Pearl and Orchid are called unofficial hatches. I take this to mean that Dharma was about as need to know as any government operation, or at the very least, as need to know as your typical dysfunctional family.


DLCC confirm "Underworld" as the meaning to the hieroglyphics. Cuse links these to the four-toed statue, which prompts Lindelof to state that these symbols were a bit of a shout-out by the Dharma Initiative to the history of the Island.

Jensen wonders if the people in the Swan knew what the hieroglyphics meant. Other commentators wonder about the word "underworld" itself, whether it could refer to a topological state or a spiritual state. Luckily, no one makes reference to the terrible Kate Beckinsale vampire film series of the same name.

My wife made a good point while we watched this: she talked about Hades’ underworld as a place, mythologically, that one could visit and leave. Didn’t happen often, but did happen all the same. I wonder if this makes Desmond the Eurydice to Penelope’s Orpheus.

Blast Door Map

Of all the topics, this one blew my mind the most. And it’s all still relevant, since the Swan imploded. It’s an ultra-dense metal ball, but exists.

The first big reveal: there are multiple levels to the map. We’ve only seen one, under UV light. But there’s a second later we’ve never, ever seen. Good Lord. I think I blanked out for the rest of the segment the first time I heard that.

Secondly, they confirm that writings on the map refer to the monster traveling via underground vents is true. Wow, they waited until the last topic to hit us with the good stuff. This could potentially explain why Smokey doesn’t go over the sonic fence: it’s tied to the ground, to these vents.

Jensen also points out that the top of the map was obscured from Moment One, meaning there could be important info unseen. He also theorizes that the second spectrum shows things above ground, while the UV spectrum shows things below ground only.

Now, you might say, "So what? It’s part of an ultra-dense metal ball! No one can ever see this map again!" To which I’d say: check out the Room 23 video. Watch Gerald Degroot analyzing what looks like a metal ball between two magnetic conductors. And think about how people on a freighter with technology beyond anything we’ve seen could take that ultra-dense metal ball and recreate/extract what they needed from it. Just a thought. Stop looking at me that way. Yes, I DO have a life, thank you for asking.

And with that, we’re at an end of my look at "Access: Granted." Hopefully it shed some light on some topics for you without the need for you to drop a few hundred on a Blu-Ray player. Later this week, in additional to looking at the latest mobisode, I’ll be checking out some other Blu-Ray specific extras and mine the audio commentaries for insight and analysis.

In the meantime, I wish you all a safe and happy New Year.

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