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“Lost” celebrated the 10th anniversary of filming its pilot episode at PaleyFest in Los Angeles Sunday (March 16).

With executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse joined by several members of the hit show’s cast — Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Yunjin Kim, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Henry Ian Cusick and Malcolm David Kelley — secrets were sure to be revealed.

Here are 10 of the most important things learned at the panel:

1. Lindelof and Cuse know who shot at the outrigger, but they’re not telling

One of the biggest mysteries of “Lost” comes from a Season 5 episode in which the time-traveling castaways find themselves in the near future. They board an outrigger canoe to travel more quickly but are quickly shot at by people in another boat.

“Lost” never explained who these people might be. But it turns out the writers know. They even wrote a scene in which the full explanation is given. So why have fans never heard anything about this?

It seems that the writers realized the explanation wasn’t as much fun as the mystery. “What’s cooler is to not answer this question,” is all Lindelof would say.

Will the answer ever be revealed? That answer is probably yes — the producers hope to someday use the scene in a charity fundraiser.

2. What pieces of ‘Lost’ were stolen at the end of the show?

While few of the actors would own up to much more than a borrowed outfit, both Cuse and Lindelof have impressive reminders of their show. “Maybe the cover of the hatch fell off a truck,” Lindelof joked. “Made it into a coffee table.” Cuse, meanwhile somehow ended up with the countdown clock from Desmond’s hatch.

3. The ‘Lost’ scripts didn’t include rain

You know how “Lost” regularly included sudden and torrential downpours? Those weren’t scripted. Working on the “whatever happened, happened” theory, the production simply adjusted to include rain whenever the environment chose to provide it.

4. Remember Vincent the dog?

“He” was a girl dog. She also improvised. A lot.

5. There were plenty of antics on the raft built by the 815 survivors

“Lost” really did float a raft out to sea at the end of Season 1. The cast seemed to have some fun with it too. “We sailed that raft halfway to Kauai,” Holloway recounted. “They left us out there.”

While closer to the shore, however, the fellows on the boat — Sawyer (Holloway), Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), Michael (Harold Perrineau) and Walt (Kelley) — decided to send a greeting to Shannon (Grace) on the beach. Apparently, she looked up to see the guys lined up and simultaneously mooning her.

6. The kiss between Boone (Somerhalder) and Shannon was entertaining to all

For the flashback scene in which step-siblings Boone and Shannon hook-up, Grace and the show’s crew decided to have a little fun with Somerhalder. He was planning to go home when an unexpected final take for the kiss was announced. Imagine Somerhalder’s surprise when he went in for the kiss … and found out that Grace was chewing on a mouthful of garlic. She had also taken a puff on a cigar and was wearing a sports cup in her pants.

It wasn’t the most romantic kiss.

7. There’s a reason why no one knew back-stories

It was widely publicized during the run of “Lost” that many of the actors didn’t know their own characters’ back-stories. This was done on purpose: The writers liked taking cues from the actors and didn’t want to limit them with preset histories and futures.

Take the big reveal about John Locke having been in a wheelchair, for example. Between takes during the pilot shoot, actor Terry O’Quinn liked to head off alone and listen to music while looking at the water. Co-creator JJ Abrams noticed this and told Lindelof that “That guy’s got a secret.” When Lindelof asked what that secret might be, Abrams simply replied, “You figure it out.”

8. The character of Jin was created after Yunjin Kim auditioned for ‘Lost’

There wasn’t a full script for the “Lost” pilot when auditions began, so Yunjin Kim read for the part of Kate. The producers liked Kim so much that they created a new role for the actress. But then they decided that Sun needed a husband. Thus, the character of Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) was born.

9. Nikki and Paolo? Cuse and Lindelof knew that was a bomb before the audience saw any of the episodes

Because of the writing, shooting and editing schedules of “Lost” Season 3, the writers created and shipped off the new secondary characters of Nikki and Paolo long before any episodes aired. While editing, however, Lindelof and Cuse realized that their “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern” weren’t working out.

The negative reactions from the show’s audience actually came after the writers had decided to end the hated characters’ runs. Although a full-season arc had been planned, “We put it into one episode and then buried them alive,” Lindelof said.

10. Were the characters dead all along?

No. No, they were not. While the producers and everyone associated with the show — including one character in the series finale — have said repeatedly that the Island was not Purgatory, this needs to be repeated. “They were not dead the entire time,” Cuse said emphatically during the panel.

Want more answers? Good luck with that. This is “Lost” we’re talking about.

Posted by:Laurel Brown