under the dome 'Lost' sequel 'The Hunted Ones?'Is there a “Lost” sequel called “The Hunted Ones” in the works? In Stephen King’s mind there is.

Zap2it’s “Lost” scholar Ryan McGee has laid the hammer down on speculation about any continuations of the “Lost” franchise by Disney once the show is over this coming May.

But in Stephen King’s newest book “Under the Dome,” which is set a couple years in the future, a character makes mention of her TV viewing — “Dancing with the Stars” and the “Lost” sequel “The Hunted Ones.” It’s a throwaway line in the book, but it gave us some pause.

First of all, thank God “Dancing with the Stars” will still be on a few years from now.

Secondly, what would “The Hunted Ones” be about?

I have two possible scenarios for that title. The first one is that our favorite flight 815 folks make it back to current civilization but are systematically hunted down by past versions, future versions or descendants of people they encountered on the island. I haven’t worked out all the details yet but it could be compelling.

The second scenario I like is Jin and Sawyer traveling around the U.S. as bounty hunters in a mad-cap buddy comedy.

What do you guys think? Any speculation?

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