44424812 'Lost' star Evangeline Lilly is quitting acting? Or just time traveling

After “Lost,” Matthew Fox is done with TV and will stick to movies. Oh, and co-star Evangeline Lilly is quitting acting altogether. 
What is with that island?
“Acting is something I appreciate, and I think it’s been an amazing experience,” Lilly, whose tough cookie on the hit ABC series killed her father, was a fugitive from justice, committed armed robbery, assault and resisted arrest, and managed to look hot the whole time, tells E!. 
And check out what happens to her in the latest “Lost” sneak peek. Caution: Major Spoilers!


“But I’m not passionate about acting the way you probably should be to call yourself an actor,” she explains.
Like Matthew, she says she’ll continue in the film world in some kind of capacity. “I just haven’t found where that is yet. I don’t know if anything has gelled yet. I don’t know if it fits.”
“Lost” premieres (read Rick Porter’s take on it) tomorrow night (Tuesday, Feb 2). Enjoy the hatch, Evangeline and Matthew while you can.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead