Evangeline_j_sci_9046458_600You’re probably wondering how “Lost’ hottie Evangeline Lilly became the new face of Michelle K footwear.

No? Well, even if you aren’t, you’re gonna find out if you keep reading this blather….

“One day, I was walking down the street and I tripped and fell on the sidewalk and when I looked up there were these cool shoes in front of me,” Lilly explained at a cocktail party at Kitson in West Hollywood. “Michelle (Kelchak) was wearing them! So I said, ‘Those shoes are amazing and she introduced herself and told me that she designed them. And that’s how it all started.”

Wow. Seriously? “No, it’s a lie,” Lilly said, flashing one of those adorable shit-eatin’ Kate grins she usually reserves for Sawyer, I mean, Josh Holloway.

Anyway, the “Lost” lassie finally ‘fessed up that becoming the Michelle K footwear girl was all very business-like. Their people called her people, etc. But she really does dig Michelle’s sporty sneakers, sandals and wedges. “I like shoes and clothes that have a bit of boy to them. Michelle’s designs are like that. Very sexy but with a guy edge.”

Kitson – known as Ground Zero for El-Lay Star Shopping Frenzies – was splattered with huge posters of Lilly’s shoe ads that will break in September in glossies like Vogue, Elle, In Style, People and Us Weeky. Lilly’s "Lost" co-star Harold Perrineau even stopped by the footwear fete to give his pal some arch support.

Both seemed to be enjoying the all-too brief hiatus from the Emmy-, SAG- and Globe-winning series. “I’ve been in LA for a while doing Michelle’s ads and some press," Lilly said. "Next I’m going to visit family and hopefully fit in a real vacation. But I have to be back in Oahu Aug. 5 for the new season, so there’s not much time.”

Any particular private get-away in mind?

“I don’t know,” she commiserated. “I mean, where can I go? The show is everywhere now! I was in South Africa last summer and got recognized in a mall! Maybe I’ll try Mongolia. Or Timbuktu. That might do it.”

Not if they’ve got satellite TV and TiVo.

Photo Credits: "Lost" stars Evangeline Lilly and Harold Perrineau and designer Michelle Kelchek step out to celebrate Lilly’s lucrative footwear contract with Michelle K.
WireImage/John Sciulli

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