terry oquinn lost s6 320 2 'Lost': Talk about 'The End' hereI know that many of you were upset that there’s no final “Lost” chat tonight before the episode. I’m not entirely thrilled about it either, but sometimes, both life and one’s worst fears come into play. In the case of the former: I flew back from Los Angeles on Friday night to Boston, and turned around 12 hours later to moderate a panel of fantastic writers about the end of the show. (You can see pics here, here, here, and here.) Another car ride back today, and I’m in Boston, exhausted and ready for a nap before the big game.

In the case of the latter…well, this site has not been immune to people trying to active spoil non-spoiler communities. Hopefully, you haven’t noticed anything, but sadly, I have. So I’ve gone to basically DEFCON 1 in terms of avoiding spoilers, with the one exception of constantly monitoring the comments here to ensure no one else has their “Lost” final ruined. Have a live chat so close to game time might be too tempting for the subhumans that take delight in spoiling people on information they don’t want to know. So, I’m taking the safer approach. I’ve come this far without knowing what’s going on. I want to see it through to the end, and I hope you do as well.

But, I want you to feel free to use the comments below as a place to blow off some steam, make some final predictions, and converse before “The End” airs. (And if looking ahead isn’t your thing, by all means look back via our “We Have to Go Back” Gallery.) Afterwards, use the comments below to post your immediate reactions as I write up my recap. As far as the recap goes: I won’t even try to pretend like tonight’s iteration will be some all-encompassing tome. I look at it as Part 1 of a 5-part look at the finale, and at “Lost” in general, that will be posted throughout the week. Next week, I’ll be posting some final thoughts on the show, augmented/amending our various galleries/lists, and saying goodbye to the blog for good.

OK, before it gets a little dusty in here, I’ll end things. See you on the other side.


Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Ryan McGee