Matthewfox_lost_290 We’re just a few days away from the Season 5 finale, entitled “The Incident.” And with so many questions still up in the air, it’s high time to get a few answers before heading into the long off-season. But what questions should get answered? We can’t expect every burning “Lost” question to get answered; some will undoubtedly wait until the Island-centric Season 6 unfolds. But here are ten questions I think could get answered this Wednesday.

To whom do Ilana and Bram answer?

In a season in which many characters have been given short shrift, Ilana’s Shadow Group nears the top of the shrift list. Inserted into the show halfway through the season, and only intermittently featured since, they represent a potential third, fourth, or even fifth party currently amidst the Lostaways seeking something on the Island. We haven’t seen them on-Island since “Dead is Dead.” It’s high time to finally learn about them now.

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

The single coolest question of Season 5 has been completely ignored for the last two weeks. And it’s driving me bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Hollback Girl Ilana posed this question to Lapidus, and Bram posed it to Miles before the latter boarded the Kahana. Does this riddle have a literal or metaphorical meaning, and how does it relate to their being aboard Ajira Airways 316?

What’s in the box?

A dead body? A body frozen in carbonite, all Han Solo-esque? A remote denotation device for Jughead? Geiger equipment to locate/extract it? Keyboard Cat? This blogger wants to know. Whatever is inside will hopefully shed light on the first two questions posed, although knowing “Lost,” it’s only going to confuse things more.

Is whatever happened always what happened?

Since “Because You Left,” the mantra “whatever happened, happened” has governed the potentially paradox-riddled world of time travel. Sayid shot Ben, but Ben always got healed thanks to Kate and Sawyer. But we’re hitting a critical point in which we’re about to get the ultimate test of this theory, as hydrogen bombs, unlimited sourced of energy, and doctors that suddenly found faith hurtle towards each other in the past. Remember: when Ajira 316 crash landed on Hydra Island, we heard The Numbers broadcasting. Those were not broadcasting back in Season 1. Which leads me to my next question…

Why were some Ajira Airways 316 passengers flashed back to 1977?

Jack thinks it’s destiny. Kate thinks Jack’s loco. I think it’s Eloise using Faraday’s journal as a subtle means of breaking the time loop once and for all. But why Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were pulled back into time while the rest of Ajira 316 stayed in the present has barely been addressed. It’s about time we learn who or what was responsible, and if that entity did indeed manage to change the past.

Will the love quadrangle be squashed once and for all?

Between Jack calling the three years he’s known Kate to be primarily composed of “misery,” to a captured Kate being literally placed between Sawyer and Juliet in the Galaga sub, we’ve had an unfortunate return to the Season 3 quadrangle that just…won’t…end. Since apparently nothing short of someone’s death will cure this endless cycle, look for one or more of the participants to die in this season’s finale. That’s not a spoiler; that’s just a wish to kill this quadrangle forever.

Will we see a payoff to Vincent’s tattered leash?

Back in “The Little Prince,” Locke and company come across the tattered remains of what looked like their old camp. The camp looks disheveled and ransacked, with Vincent’s tattered leash in the sand. Also there? A few familiar outriggers, complete with Ajira Airways water bottles. Will we see Ilana and Co. shoot at Locke’s outrigger? And will we see Vincent, Rose, and Bernard in some capacity in the season finale?

Is Locke really Locke?

The majority of people who read my recap of “Follow The Leader” agree that something is slightly off about Season 5 on-Island Locke. But how off is he? Is this transformation due to a sense of finally found purpose (as he suggests), or the insertion of something sinister into his soul?

Why can one only see Jacob on an invitation-only basis?

Going back even to Season 3, the rule has been in place: you don’t proactively seek out Jacob; you let Jacob summon you. But we’ve never actually seen an instance in which Jacob has handed down word for a visit, nor how such a communication could even be distributed. I think Richard and Ben are terrified of Locke’s insistence to see Jacob for different reasons. For Ben, it’s a form of blasphemy; for Richard, it’s a signal that whatever ruse he’s pulled over The Others’ eyes for decades/centuries/millennia is about to come to a crashing halt.

Who/what is Jacob?

This, to me, is the biggest question, one that’s hung over the show’s head for 3 seasons, and the one that potentially contextualizes the War of the Island in a way that sets the stage for Season 6. Considering this man is at the center of the “Lost” universe, we know essentially nothing about the man, the myth, the Luddite, the cancer healer, the cabin dweller, the heart breaker, dream maker, love taker, don’t you mess around with Jacob. And while keeping him in the shadows this long makes sense, there’s only one season to go. So it’s high time to start putting some Jacob cards down on the table, Darlton.

OK, those are ten questions that could plausibly be answered in the season finale. What are the questions you want answered this week? Leave them below!

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