Hello, my little Lost chickadees. Thought I’d come by and see how you were holding up. Doing OK? You sure? I know it’s going to be a long, long road ahead of us before we get any new episodes, but look: we’ve done this before, and without the benefit of such a vital, engaged, and frankly, downright bizarre group of people. And I mean that in the best of all possible sense. If you guys didn’t enjoy Lost Butterworthed (with new images, check ’em out!), I’m not sure I could get up the gumption to write entries on a nearly daily basis.

There are five stages of grief for a Lost fan, just as there are five stages of grief for anyone. Here are the five stages:


"No way, that can’t be the end. We don’t know if Jin’s really dead! Where did Des/Penny go off to? Why did John Locke get booted off the Island? How did Walt age approximately 37 years since leaving the Island? Surely there must be an episode ahead to explain one or more of these things!"


"Take your frozen donkey wheel, Darlton, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. I’ve got your negatively charged exotic matter right here, guys. It’s called ‘my fist in your face’ for making me wait eight months for new material."


"OK, fine, fine, we’ll play the online, alternative reality game (ARG). Sure, you’ve essentially negated the previous incarnations, all but calling us fools for trying to glean any essential information from them, but hey, it’s shiny, it’s new, and it’s sorta kinda Lost, so that’s OK, right? Right?


"Sometimes, an ARG is just an ARG."


"The writers, producers, and actors on Lost don’t live to serve me. And God willing, no bartenders in the state of Hawaii will serve any of the writers, producers, or actors of Lost, lest they get killed during Season 5."

But hey, I’m here to help you through any of the five phases you might go through in the months ahead. For this week, I’ll be looking back at the season finale of Lost, and teasing out a few ideas that didn’t quite make my recap. I’ve already dropped a podcast outlining a few major items. But I want your help in determining topics. I have one in mind, that I’ll keep to myself, but what major questions raised in the season finale do you want addressed?

Leave your thoughts below, and I’ll answer them this week, either as a full-blown article or as this week’s edition of "Letters from The Flame."

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Posted by:Ryan McGee