Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the first of many, and I do mean many, posts dedicated to your favorite show and mine, Lost. Over the next few months, I’ll be looking at nearly every aspect of the show, from past episodes to casting notices to theories plausible, implausible, and "so out there even John Locke would tell you to get out of the sweat lodge already."

If you’ve never watched the show, and wish to be unspoiled, please, for the love of Hurley’s golf course, don’t read any of these posts. While I will avoid FUTURE spoilers at all costs, I’m considering the following fair game:

  • Any already-aired episodes
  • Anything presented in "The Lost Experience"
  • Any casting news
  • Any theory I feel is plausible based on the former three

And if you haven’t watched Lost…dude/dudette, why are you reading a Lost blog? That’s just silliness. Also? Go out and rent, borrow, or steal every Lost DVD you can. Your family’s worried about you. They may not say it, but they are thinking it. And you’ve sat at the kiddie table at Thanksgiving long enough. Time to sit with the grown-ups.

In anticipation of Season 4, which really honestly can’t come soon enough, I’ll be leading a journey as we look back on the past three seasons, "The Lost Experience," and any other canonical aspects in order to try and parse out some of the show’s larger mysteries: Where/when are they? Who is Jacob? What’s up with Smokey? Who built that four-toed statue? Why has Richard Alpert seemingly not aged since Ben’s arrival? Flash FORWARDS? So on and so forth. I plan to tackle these are other large mysteries in a segment known as "Theory Thursdays," in which I’ll try to answer each of them in a spectacularly incorrect way.

But being proven wrong so often doesn’t bring me down; it just goes to show just how far ahead of us the writers of Lost are. But my horrible historical record aside, I shan’t be deterred from putting my neck out on the cyber-line so you can chop me off, Marie Antoinette-style. Because I need you, dear readers, to help. Remember Jack’s credo, ."..if we can’t live together, we’re gonna die alone?" Well, I’d like to amend that to, "..if we can’t work together, I’m gonna blog alone." And blogging alone is no fun. I actually think it’s called "journal writing," and I don’t want to have my theories about who exactly is offshore exist in a vacuum. (Keeping my thoughts on the potential plot twists of My Two Dads in my Thundercats diary wasn’t nearly as satisfying as this is, trust me.) So I encourage any and all feedback as we all count down the days until Season 4. But again, I respectfully ask that you keep any confirmed spoilers off the comment board. Not for my readers, but for me, as spoilers make me cry, and when I cry, somewhere on earth, a kitten dies. And you don’t want Fluffy’s death on your conscience, do you?

(By the way, if you’re curious as to the part about my offshore theory, well, all in good time. But for now, you could do worse than checking this out. Food for thought, people.)

How bad is your Lost withdrawal? What are your most burning questions? Will Jack ever concoct a successful plan?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee