Well, here it is, my little chickadees…the day in which we’ll see the season finale of Lost. It’s been a long, strange trip over these past few months here on the blog, and I’d like to think we here at Zap2It have done a small part in helping you enjoy the show a bit more. If nothing else, we’ve taught you to fear a certain breakfast condiment, so there’s that, at least.

Since last October, I’ve tried to give you all the scoop, all the theory, and all the analysis your Lost-addled brain could possibly handle. And in doing so, you’ve helped turn this one-man operation into a world-spanning collective endeavor. I’d like to think of it in terms of the show: if my first entry was a shot of Jack Shephard’s eye opening in the pilot episode, then what you see now is Benjamin Linus laying the verbal smackdown on Charles Widmore, announcing the world war about to ensue. Just as the show’s grown in scope, so has your involvement. And readers, this blog’s about you, not me. You’ve made your own kind of music, and it’s been fantastic to hear every note over the past few months.

So, in that vein, I’m stepping aside in the remaining hours before the final two hours of "There’s No Place Like Home," and cede the floor to you all. Share what you hope will happen. What you fear will happen. What secrets you want revealed. What reunions you wish to see. And what partings you hope to avoid. All I ask is that you keep your comments spoiler-free so all may enjoy the final two hours of Season 4 with untainted eyes. (Except for you viewers with glaucoma…not much I can do for ya, sorry.)

In addition, feel free to use the comments below to talk about the episode as it airs, as well as a forum to air your thoughts immediately afterwards. I’ll be posting my final recap of the season over at It Happened Last Night a few hours after the episode airs. And do not fret: while Lost may be going on hiatus, this blog will not be taking such a break. I’ve got big plans for you all in the interim. Don’t you worry.

So leave your thoughts, comments, and insight below. And, in honor of the title of this entry, I’ll leave you a little music to enjoy as you post your comments in the waning moments before the best two hours this television season has to offer.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee