jack kate lost 320 'Lost': The odds that Jack and Kate are half siblings?Would this “Lost” twist come as a total WTF to anyone else?

Bookmaker, an online gambling website, makes predictions about TV shows and allows its patrons to make bets. They recently released a set of odds for two highly-anticipated returning shows, “24” and “Lost.” The possible “24” bets are as follows:

What will happen on the premiere of “24?”

  • Jack Bauer kills someone in the first 15 minutes, 43% chance
  • A previously dead character comes back, 26% chance
  • An announcement of a terrorist attack, 24% chance
  • Introducing a mole in the FBI unit, 38% chance

Those all seem relatively normal, right? In fact, we’d up the odds on the terorrist attack choice — isn’t that how every season of “24” starts? Then there are the “Lost” odds:

What will happen on the premiere of “Lost?”

  • Sawyer and Kate have another random love scene, 25%
  • Juliet appears alive in a different moment in time, 25%
  • Ben dies in the premiere, 32%
  • Jack and Kate are revealed to be half-siblings, 33%
  • Jacob’s nemesis is revealed, 29%

Ummm… what? Why on earth would this even be a choice? We’ve watched “Lost” since its inception and we can’t recall any inkling that Jack and Kate might be half-siblings. And it’s got the highest pecentage!

We think Bookmaker should stick to making sporting events odds and leave the incest to the folks at 4616 Melrose.

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