matthew fox lost s6 320 'Lost': The opening moments of season 6Here it is, “Lost” fans: the opening scene from the final season.

It comes courtesy of Doc Arzt, which got its hands on one of the “Message in a Bottle” videos that ABC delivered to 815 contest winners Friday (Jan. 29).

The four-minute clip is about as spoiler-y as it gets, so we’re not going to describe anything for you, save to tell you that it opens with the final shots of season 5, Juliet smacking the nuclear warhead with a rock. The new stuff starts about two minutes in.

Here’s the clip (at least until ABC pulls it off YouTube). Totally up to you whether you want to be spoiled — but if you do, please don’t share specific details in the comments. Your reactions, your general thoughts on the scene, your hopes for the season — all fine. But please let those who want to stay away from spoilers do so.

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Rick Porter