Tomorrow, I’ll be unleashing a big, jam-packed version of “Letters from the Flame,” in which I’ll be answering a bunch of your questions about “Namaste.” But today, I thought I’d try something new: amend my initial recap of the episode. It’s not that I want to take the entire recap back, but there are things one can get after a few days that one cannot get in an instant, right-after-it-airs response. A typical “Lost” episode simply has too much going on to get it all first time through.

So, here’s my list, in no real order.

As approximately 800 of you pointed out, Ilana says “Jarrah,” not “Sarah,” upon coming to after Ajira 316 lands on Hydra Island. I don’t have closed captioning, and moreover, I had to listen to her say it about 10 times before actually being convinced myself. No wonder she once got kicked out of the hip-hop group House of Pain: no one knew how the hell to sump around.

Props to reader ShelbyM for pointing out that when Lapidus approaches the runway, the Numbers are still broadcasting from the radio tower. This fact helps solidify my theory that at some point in the past, something zigged as opposed to zagged and fundamentally changed the Island’s future from that point forward in domino-like fashion. I know Faraday says, “Whatever happened, happened,” but I think the rest of Season 5 is going to be a stress test on said theory. Watch how this alternate future plays into the dilapidated beach scene in “The Little Prince,” in which Locke and Co. pick up the outrigger and sail towards the Orchid.

I think I was a little too harsh on Jack near the end of the episode. After Sawyer dressed him down, Jack leaves, agreeing that it’s easier to no longer be in charge. Sawyer then looks at him with this, “Doc is gonna go be a hero again,” fear in his eyes. So initially, I thought the same as Sawyer: Jack’s gonna once again try and fix things. However, I now think what actually happened is this: Jack started in on his usual rhythms, got upbraided, then decided to take a step back. So when he tells Sawyer that not being in charge is a relief, he actually means it. But Sawyer has no grounds for taking this at face value, and thus his “ruh row” face.

This might be heresy to say, but Season 5 is failing Ben Linus in a major way. He’s had exactly one great scene all year (end of “Bentham”), and a half-decent scene in “Prince” where he scolds Jack and Sun like two children on a cross-country trip to Auntie Eloise’s place. Other than that? A lot of scenes in which he falsely claims not to know something, only to reveal later that he did. Hopefully the injection of Lil’ Bug-Eyed Ben starts pushing this character back towards the towering figure we’ve grow to love/hate over the years.

There’s a lot more to discuss, but I will get to those in tomorrow’s “Letters.” Topics that will be addressed:

  1. The status of Daniel Faraday
  2. The covert meaning of mustard
  3. How Ethan turned into an Other
  4. Who commissioned the runway
  5. New Creepington
  6. Why Lil’ Ben might destroy our favorite show

So stay tuned!

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