OK, that was some good Lost right there people. I'm drained, tired, confused, elated, and ecstatic all at once. Can they possibly keep up this up throughout the rest of the run? Let's hope so, because this season's shaping up to be one for the ages.

If you're ready to read the recap, go check it out. Over 3,000 words of Lost goodness there for you to consume. Jacob knows there's tons to discuss.

Programming note: live chat is back! Well, at least for one day, as I'll be hosting the first live Lost Q&A here on the blog with Los Angeles Times Lost guru Patrick Day. Things will go down here on Monday, February 16th, at 3 pm EST. Things should run for about 90 minutes, and if past chats are any indication, things should get pretty lively.

Don't worry: I'll still be answering all your longer, lingering "Death" questions as well, so WAAAAAALT or BLOOP your queries below for inclusion in the next edition of "Letters from the Flame."

So make sure to stop by this Monday and take part in the fun!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee