lostvsglee 290 'Lost' vs. 'Glee': Who ya got?“Glee” is already a pretty heavily DVR’ed show, adding an average of 1.67 million viewers per episode this season via delayed viewing. That could go up — maybe by a lot — come spring.

When “Glee” returns in the spring, the fiercely loved cult hit will be going up against another show with a rabid fan base: “Lost.” The ABC series will be entering the home stretch of its six-season run by then, with likely only seven episodes remaining when “Glee” comes back on April 13.

In the grand scheme of things, the “Lost”-“Glee” showdown will probably be a battle for, at best, second place. Neither show is likely to beat “NCIS: Los Angeles,” which is averaging close to 17 million viewers this season (“Glee” is at 8.5 million, and “Lost” last year drew 11.3 million viewers a week). But in terms of fan obsession, few other shows on TV can match “Glee” and “Lost.”

So our question to you, Zap2it readers, is a simple one: Which one will you watch first? Does your heart lie on the Island with Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jack and Ben, or has the McKinley High glee club — Rachel, Puck, Finn, Sue Sylvester and Mr. Shoe — won you over?

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Posted by:Rick Porter