terry oquinn2 lost s6 320 'Lost': What do you want to see?The final season of “Lost” is now but hours away, which means that soon all our questions — about numbers, men in black, statues, ageless dudes who look like they’re wearing guyliner, incidents and smoke monsters — will all be answered.

Or, you know, not. That’s a bit much to ask of one two-hour show — “Lost” does, after all, have 18 episodes to get to all that before it closes the books. But as the season kicks off, we want to know: What are your hopes for the series’ end? What questions do you want answered, and what stories do you want to see further explored?

For me, the most important thing comes down to two words: Why them? I love all the mystery and weirdness of “Lost,” but what has really kept it alive and vital for five seasons has been its devotion to making its characters three-dimensional and real. What I most want to get from season 6 is a better idea of why they were chosen to be aboard Oceanic 815 — as we saw from Jacob’s visits to Kate, Sawyer, Locke et al in “The Incident,” it’s more than just coincidence — and how that continues to affect them.

So what do you want to see and discover in the final season? Is it a possible Hurley-Libby reunion, the reason Richard doesn’t age, redemption for Ben and/or Locke, the Man in Black’s game, the true meaning of the numbers, a resolution to the Jack-Kate-Sawyer question? Share any and all of your thoughts, theories and conjecture in the comments. And if that’s not enough, remember that Zap2it’s “Lost” blogger Ryan McGee is hosting a live chat leading up to the premiere Tuesday night.

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