lost what they died for 320 'Lost': What to expect in 'What They Died For'The 1,800 or so people who packed UCLA’s Royce Hall for “Lost Live: The Final Celebration” on Thursday night (May 13) got their money’s worth.

They were treated to appearances by 20 current and former cast members, including Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Sonya Walger, Henry Ian Cusick and Michael Emerson, along with executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. An orchestra played selections from the show’s score, conducted by composer Michael Giacchino. Their ticket purchases will help fund scholarships at L.A.’s Colburn School of Performing Arts.

Oh, and they got to see the penultimate episode of the series, “What They Died For,” five days before the rest of the world watches it on ABC. And we’re dying to tell you a little about it.

What follows are some pretty general impressions of the episode, with a couple somewhat more specific things toward the end (and even those won’t include names of characters or heavy plot details). Still, we understand if you want to go into the episode as cleanly as possible, so now would be a good time to click elsewhere.

For those of you still with us, here’s some of what to expect in “What They Died For”:

– After “Across the Sea’s” episode-long trip in the Way-Way-Way-Back machine, “What They Died For” resumes the narrative momentum of “The Candidate.” There’s a ton of forward momentum in both the Island and sideways stories.

– Does it redeem the digression of “Across the Sea”? No — but it does help contextualize it somewhat. We’re still not certain about the placement of the episode so close to the finale — or whether the story of Jacob and his unnamed brother needed an entire hour to begin with — but we came out of “Died For” feeling a little better about what preceded it.

– There are a few genuinely funny lines and moments. More than once, the audience reaction to them drowned out the next couple lines of dialogue. (Granted, this was an audience inclined to be very receptive to what was on screen, but still.)

– The ongoing theme of fate vs. free will gets a good workout — as it should this close to the end.

And the somewhat more specific things:

– A couple of familiar faces pop up, in both cases to good effect. We didn’t notice one of the names in the guest-star credits, so it was a big surprise. (A further warning: Stay away from detailed listings of the episode, because both people are in ABC’s description of the episode.)

– The episode’s most important line, in our opinion: “Is that a question?” A major development turns on it.

That’s all we’ll say for now. “What They Died For” airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday (May 18).

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