OK, a lot of you Lost fans have asked me over the past few weeks, "Why don't The Others move in step with Locke and Company? I'm confused!" And I never answered the questions, because I didn't have the slightest idea, either. I don't like to blindly make things up, and I'm more than happy to say when I'm stumped. But, finally, a muse struck me today. Or should I say, the band Muse struck me today.

If you don't know the band Muse, you're no longer my friend. OK, kidding, but they are my favorite band right now so I listen to them all the time on my iPod. And while I've listened to their song "Knights of Cydonia" roughly 3 million times, the following line never stuck out until my way into work today:

Don't waste your time
Or time will…waste…you…

Here's the most excellent video for this most excellent song.

Let's set aside the fact that the chorus sounds like a rallying cry for the Oceanic 6 for now and think about the lines in question. Don't they sound as if they are referring to the Lostaways on the Island? Time is literally wasting them: it's not wiping them out per say, but it's definitely killing them. So how comeThe Others are immune from this effect? Because they are not fools.

And remember what the message embedded inside the Room 23 video says: only fools are enslaved by time and space.

So this is why The Others don't travel: Room 23 not only conditions them mentally for life as an Other, but physically as well. The IV drip, the crazy glasses, the sensory overload…all designed to prevent nosebleeds should the donkey wheel ever got turned.

It's not the soundest theory in the world, but it's the first one I've had on the topic, so I thought I'd drop it on you while giving you space to comment during tonight's episode, "This Place is Death." Plus, it gave me the chance to share Muse with you, and that's always a groovy thing in my book.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee