lost producers video 320 'Lost's' Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse: Thank youWe suspect that a lot of “Lost” fans will be saying “thanks” to showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse over the next few months. They wanted to return the favor.

“As corny as it sounds, we just want to say thank you,” Lindelof told the L.A. Times’ Showtracker blog at the “Lost” premiere last weekend in Hawaii. He talked about how nice it feels that people have stuck with the heavily serialized show through all of its ups and downs over five seasons.

“We’re about to embark on the 106th hour of ‘Lost’ — that anybody still cares, especially with this show; it’s required a certain amount of patience and perseverance and faith,” Lindelof says. “The hardest thing to have in anybody is faith, and the idea that people trust us to sort of not let us down is at times petrifying for us. … But there are so many things people can spend their time on; the fact that they have chosen ‘Lost’ just makes us feel enormously grateful.”

Video of Cuse and Lindelof talking with the LAT’s Maria Elena Fernandez is below; the link above also includes several cast members talking about the final season. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: L.A. Times

Posted by:Rick Porter