lost josh holloway talks community finale abc 'Lost's' Josh Holloway talks 'Community,' and taking a break from TV

In the home stretch for Season 2, “Community” caused quite a stir when news that “Lost” star, Josh Holloway (SAWYER!) is appearing in the two-part finale airing back-to-back for one hour on May 12.
He plays a mysterious stranger who appears at Greendale and takes part in the reprisal of Season 1’s popular paintball episode, which is also an homage to the “Spaghetti Western” made famous in the 60s by Italian director, Sergio Leone.
“It’s a fun role,” Holloway says in an interview with TV Guide. “I loved those guys. I had a really good time and they were so awesome. I’d worked with Chevy [Chase] before on a movie so I was honored to get to work with him again, and the rest of the cast.”
And according to Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta, they enjoyed him right back. “He’s a hunk and he looks excellent in his costume,” she tells Zap2it on our set visit for the finale. “More importantly, we loved having him around, because he laughed at all our jokes. For some reason, he found us incredibly funny. And that’s really important at 4 a.m.”
And Holloway confirms what Jacobs says, “They’re all so funny! They’re really tight with their comedy. It’s rhythmic. It makes me feel so not very funny being around them. I was a little like, ‘Uh oh. I’m not funny. I’ve got no rhythm.’ But it worked out.”
Of course, the laughs didn’t come with some tradeoff for the “Lost” star. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley, tells us that the cast flooded Holloway with “Lost” questions. Is that not a dream come true?
It sounds like we may need to savor Holloway’s appearance in the finale, because the star has his sights set on the big screen.
“Well, right now I’m giving [TV] a break because you have to sign that rather lengthy contract,” he explains. “But I’m open with TV still. TV has changed quite a bit, even since ‘Lost.’ There’s a lot of great TV out there now, but I’m giving movies a shot, while I can.” 
Are you excited to see Holloway wield the big paint guns on the “Community” finale?
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