mark pellegrino lost 'Lost's' Mark Pellegrino: 'Your questions are going to be answered.'On “Lost,” the line between good and evil has always been a little bit blurry.

But in light of last week’s episode where the show seemed to indicate that Jacob isn’t quite as pure as we were originally led to believe, Korbi TV decided to track down Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) and get his take on the situation. 

“They’re definitely making the line between good and evil a very ambiguous one, aren’t they?” Pellegrino notes in the clip below. “And there are things that I know now that I kinda wish I knew from the very beginning, but then I think maybe all of that information would have informed me too much. Maybe it was better being in the dark.”

However, since Pellegrino is no longer in the dark, we had to try and get some information out of him on the series’ final episodes.
“The only thing I can tease you with is I think your questions are going to be answered,” he says. “Any questions you had about Jacob, about the island about the nature of things will be answered.”

Sounds good to us. Watch the clip for more on that, plus we break the series finale title to Mark and get his take on the series finale idea from executive producer Carlton Cuse.

Posted by:Marisa Roffman