matthew fox 2 'Lost's' Matthew Fox accused of assaulting woman in Cleveland [UPDATED]Matthew Fox has, it would seem, lost it. The actor was detained by Cleveland police on Saturday (Aug. 27) after allegedly assaulting a woman.

TMZ reports that Fox tried to board a “party bus” outside a Cleveland bar when the driver — a woman — denied him entry. That’s when the “Lost” star reportedly became belligerent and allegedly punched the women in the breast and “stomach area.”

The woman reportedly struck back, giving Fox a bloody lip and possibly breaking her hand in the process.

Although Fox was cuffed by police, he was later released without arrest. The matter remains under investigation.

In 2010, stripper Stefani Talbott accused Fox of cheating on his wife of 19 years, Margherita Ronchi. Fox and Ronchi have two children together.

Foxy, really? Is this what Jack Shephard would do?

[UPDATE: TMZ reports that Heather Bormann, the Cleveland party bus driver who claims she was assaulted by Matthew Fox, plans to press charges against the actor. When she denied him entry to the bus, says Bormann, “he just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson