nestor carbonell lost paley fest 320 'Lost's' Nestor Carbonell: Episode 9 will reveal who Richard Alpert really is

Nestor Carbonell, who plays mysterious Island-dweller Richard Alpert on “Lost,” is the man. 

Korbi TV met up with him right before Saturday’s (Feb. 27) PaleyFest panel and he was game to talk about everything. Including his guyliner.
And when we broached the subject of his unexpected rivalry with the smoke monster — also known as this new Not Locke character — Nestor had a lot to say.
“What’s that about?” he marveled. “Who would’ve seen [it coming that] Terry O’Quinn now plays a completely new role [than] what he was playing before. Emilie de Ravin‘s playing a new role. Ben [Michael Emerson] has lost a lot of his power [and] I’m a scared little rabbit.” 
And Carbonell says, for some time, the writer-producers wouldn’t reveal why Richard Alpert is suddenly so frightened: “I was told at the beginning of the season that when I find out who Locke really is now, it’s like my 9-11… I wasn’t told anything beyond that. So I just had to trust in that and play [Richard] as this scared little rabbit, like [this new Locke] is just evil incarnate.” 
But Nestor assures us, in the clip below, that it will all be answered.
And sooner than you might think.
“In two episodes, it’s explained. In episode 7,” he spilled. 
And he went on to tell us that in episode 9, scheduled for March 23, we’re finally going to find out who Richard Alpert really is. The hour revolves around his character and answers a lot of questions about the show at large and about the Island as well. Actually, I think he said Islands.
Watch the video to see for yourself and to hear Nestor go on about the implausibility of John Locke taking him down with two punches: “Have you seen me? Have you seen Terry O’Quinn? …Talk about jumping the shark.”



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