louie something is wrong 'Louie' Season 3 premiere: 'Something Is Wrong' but it feels so rightHere’s why “Louie” is one of the most interesting shows on television right now (in addition to just being one of the best): The show’s first new episode in nine months opens with Louie (Louis C.K.) and a woman we’ve never seen on the show before (guest star Gaby Hoffmann) having a break-up talk.

Their relationship until now has apparently taken place entirely off-screen, so it’s left to the viewer to fill in gaps about how long they dated, where they’ve met, all of that. It’s all new — but it’s also a situation that pretty much everyone has gone through in some form, and C.K. trusts that we’ll know what’s happening without having to explain too much.

The fact that the scenes with Hoffman’s character are filtered through C.K.’s razor-sharp eye and tragicomic voice doesn’t hurt either.

“Louie’s” season premiere isn’t the strongest of the five episodes FX sent out for review (the show picks up more steam as it goes on), but it’s a great reintroduction to Louis C.K.’s fictional self and the world he inhabits. There are also a few laugh-out-loud moments. It’s been a while since we’ve seen as funny a visual as the post-motorcycle wreck Louie trying to call his ex (more on her here) to pick up the kids while his head and neck are immobilized.

What did you think of the “Louie” season premiere? Are you happy to have the show back?

Posted by:Rick Porter