louis ck tca 12 gi Louis C.K. watches 'Project Runway' and other FX press tour notesFX presented something of a comedy murderer’s row Saturday morning (July 28) at the Television Critics Association press tour, with Chris Rock, Russell Brand and Louis C.K. appearing in consecutive sessions.

Here’s some of what Rock (an executive producer of FX’s new late-night show “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell”), Brand (the host of “BrandX”) and C.K. (the creator/star of “Louie”) had to say.

(C.K. and Rock appeared via satellite, hence the law-office backdrop behind C.K. in the picture.)

Russell Brand on changes he’s making to “BrandX”: “The show will look a little more conventional — more like a conventional late-night show. We will have guests every week, and … I think myself, I’m infatuated with spirituality, revolution, anti-establishment thinking. And I think … sometimes I get a little, the zeal of the newly converted. I get a little excited about that. I think I’ll allow that kind of stuff to rather subversively enter into the show rather than being so nuts-out anti-establishment.”

Chris Rock on his role on “Totally Biased”: “The secret to being a good producer is to hire your boss. I chose to work with Kamau because I figured in three weeks, a month or whatever, he probably won’t need me. If six months from now, he needs me to make a bunch of decisions, I picked the wrong guy.”

Louis C.K. on continuing to do stand-up comedy: “It remains the thing I’m best at, is stand-up. … And still, the most money I make is on stage. I still make way more doing that than I do doing the show. It keeps me able to do the show I do on FX. Not that I couldn’t support myself on what I make at FX, but the standup takes a lot of pressure off wanting or having to do other things.”

Rock on the state of TV news: “The news is a TV show. They need ratings. And in our lifetime, we will see boobs on the news.”

Brand, picking out a questioner in the mostly dark ballroom: “You’re easy to see — you’re in a pool of light. You look like you were put there by Caravaggio.”

C.K. on his TV habits:‘Project Runway’ is a big favorite of mine. I like it because I actually really enjoy fashion — I really do. I like looking at it. So watching people create stuff in a competitive spirits is really fun. And I love that Tim Gunn guy. He’s got a great work ethic and he’s a good teacher. And my kids like ‘Project Runway,’ so I watch it with them. …

“Sometimes I watch shows like ‘American Idol’ or ‘America’s Got Talent’ — I like those because I’m a real sucker for very maudlin, emotional stuff. I used to watch Howie Mandel‘s other show, ‘Deal or No Deal,’ and I used to cry like a baby watching that show. Watching a workin’ man try to earn for his family and know when to stop … when I watch TV I think I’m just a complete, common American viewer.”

Posted by:Rick Porter