jordana spiro messenger premiere large gi 'Love Bites': 'My Boys' Jordana Spiro's life just got easierFirst, here’s the good news for actress Jordana Spiro.

Her TBS series, “My Boys,” in which she stars as Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist P.J. Franklin, returns on Sunday, July 25, for its fourth season.

Now, here’s the bad news for actress Jordana Spiro.

Today (Thursday, June 24), news broke that she is no longer in the cast for “Love Bites,” the upcoming NBC romantic-anthology series from “Sex and the City” writer Cindy Chupack.

Spiro was cast in the show, but her continued employment was contingent on TBS not renewing “My Boys,” to which she is contractually bound, and that decision likely won’t come until the cablenet reviews ratings for the show’s new season.

So, no matter TBS’ decision, it appears that “Love Bites” will now go on without Spiro, who spoke to Zap2it the day before the news broke.

“I love both shows,” Spiro says, “but we just have to wait for the fall to see how everything works out. I had a meeting with Cindy Chupak, and I really liked her take on everything.”

Also on the upside, if TBS does renew “My Boys,” Spiro can continue to do nine-episode seasons, instead of a broadcast network’s usual 13, 22 or more.

“I love it,” she says of her current work schedule. “It’s like I go to summer camp for three months and work my butt off with people that I really enjoy being around, then I go back to my regular life, which, for me, is actually going to school. I’m going to Columbia University [in New York], to their MFA directing program.

“I feel like I have these two completely separate lives. They’re all related to the industry, but it is two different hats I’m wearing, which is nice.”

Asked if she’d thought through the possible additional workload on an NBC show, Spiro said, “That’s why I’m an actress in the first place. If I would have thought things through, I never would have signed up for this business at all.”

Again looking on the bright side, Spiro could finish her MFA program a bit earlier than she might have had she gone to NBC.

“I started it last year,” she said. “It’s a three-year program, but because I have to take basically leaves of absence when I’m shooting, I’ll probably finish when I’m 85. The wheelchair dolly will actually be me in a wheelchair.”

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Posted by:Kate O'Hare