eddie mcclintock mar 2011 gi 'Love Bites': 'Warehouse 13' star Eddie McClintock is 'Sky High'During his hiatus from chasing down cursed historical artifacts in Syfy’s “Warehouse 13,” which returns for a new season on Monday, July 11, Eddie McClintock went into orbit.

In “Sky High,” the Thursday, June 23, episode of NBC’s romantic anthology series “Love Bites,” McClintock appears in one of the three segments as astronaut Col. Scott Bowers, who suspects his girlfriend is unfaithful while he’s in space.

With the help of colleagues Captain Craig (Isaiah Mustafa) and Takashi (“Community” star Ken Jeong), he appropriates a high-powered satellite to learn the truth.

“We play astronauts that are up at the International Space Station,” McClintock tells Zap2it. “It was so much fun. Krista Allen plays my girlfriend. I think she’s cheating on me. We use some government resources to find out whether or not that’s true.”

Although he was playing with two other guys — and one of them was the guy who played the hyper-masculine “Old Spice” ad spokesman — McClintock says it went smoothly.

“I didn’t feel any competition,” he says. “it was just three dudes that had been doing this stuff for a long time, that just started rolling together. It was really comfortable.

“Isaiah’s career is taking off. And Ken, with ‘The Hangover Part II,’ he’s doing great. I was saying, ‘Take me along for the ride.’ I’m sort of the low man on the scrotum pole.

“It was like, ‘Let me ride on your coattails. Give me a shout-out on Twitter, man, so I can get a few more Twitter followers.'”

Because his segment is set in space, McClintock had to simulate weightlessness

“We were in these rigs,” he recalls, “these harnesses. I called mine ‘The Emasculator.’ My sperm count dropped, like, 68 percent.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare