love hip hop hollwood 103 nikki ring 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' 1x03: Mally Mall is having the worst week ever

In light of recent news about Mally Mall’s current murky legal situation, it might not be completely fair to call him out for the terrible week he must be having. But this week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” just makes it so necessary that his actions — on the show, at least — be addressed. 

He needs to be held accountable … for the goings on of the show.

Episode three of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” involves Nikki confronting Mally Mall all about his alleged relationship with hip hop video girl Masika. Based on the all-powerful being that is Instagram, Nikki knows that Masika has been going around telling the Internet that she and Mally Mall are in a whirlwind romance, even though everything Mally Mall has been telling Nikki regarding the situation has been to the tune of “nothing’s going on.”

Still, Nikki confronts Mally Mall one-on-one, because she refuses to be disrespected, “especially not by a ‘ho.” Say what you will about Nikki, but she’s definitely not one to dance around the subject.

Nikki’s reaction may seem a little over-the-top because she and Mally Mall are actually in the off period of their on-and-off relationship, but she makes it clear that the promise ring he gave her when they were together is still considered a bond. 

Basically, while there are certainly other things going on in this episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” (some including Vagisil), the most important part of it all is that Mally Mall and Nikki are essentially the Ross and Rachel of the series. Yet even though he knows he’s going to get a talking-to from Nikki, Mally Mall doesn’t throw out a Ross Geller “hi” when he comes to confront her:

friends ross geller hi 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' 1x03: Mally Mall is having the worst week ever

Mally Mall’s side of the story is simple, at first. Masika is a “friend” he met through Justin Beiber, which of course means she must be a person of great character. So when Nikki simply calls her a “jump-off,” nothing more than a fling, it’s honestly the highest insult possible. 

He eventually admits that he and Masika had been hooking up, although they only “messed around orally” and never had sex. In fact — according to Mally Mall — it only lasted two weeks. Somehow, that confession makes Nikki happy, and the two of them agree that they both want to be with each other.

It’s a happy ending for now, but since Mally Mall is lying, this story isn’t quite over. Watch this bonus clip from episode two and be the judge of whether or not Mally Mall and Masika were just a simple two-week thing:

The love part in “Love & Hip Hop” is such a misleading title, because nearly all of the relationships in this franchise are immensely unhealthy. Sure, it leads to drama for seasons upon seasons, but there’s an underlying sadness in watching all of these women fall into these self-destructive patterns just to be with men who don’t care enough to be with them and only them. Mally Mall confesses to having a sexual (though not 100 percent sexual) relationship with this random woman, and somehow, that makes Nikki happy. Up is down and down is up in “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” and it’s only getting crazier.

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Posted by:LaToya Ferguson