love hip hop hollywood 106 teairra sincere 'Practice makes perfect' and other lessons Teairra Mari needs to learn

Somewhere, Hazel-E is watching the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and saying “I told you so” directly to the television screen. For once, she has the upper hand in a situation. Say what you will about the delusional Miss E, but at least she’s not doing … whatever it is that Teairra Mari does on stage. 

Hopefully Teairra learns from this experience, because there is just so much to learn from all of this when it comes to all thing “Love & Hip Hop.”

1. Listen to the experts.

Sincere is absolutely right to have reservations about Teairra Mari performing a showcase at Supper Club. She’s been out of the game for quite a while — five years, to be exact — and she’s clearly been passing up spending time on her music in favor of her dysfunctional “relationship” with Ray J (who can’t even get a bottle of water without Morgan, so he’s not exactly winning this week either).

2. Make sure you know what you’re even trying to sell.

If you’re going to have a song called “Touch Me,” it better be a banger or the sexiest musical number possible. What Teairra Mari performs can not be described as either — the cat ears don’t help — and based on what the episode shows us, she probably needs to take a breather during the number at least once. If she wants her brand to be gassed out cat lady, then so be it. But that’s probably not what she wants.

3. Actually be a performer.

Introducing yourself and your first number with “This is a song” is usually a red flag in terms of stage presence, but the performance itself makes that simply a small part of a very large problem. Teairra Mari is searching for many notes in this song, but none of them seem to be the correct one. Unless her goal with this song is to actually sound as a flat as a plank of wood, that is.

4. Practice makes perfect. Discipline makes even better.

Did she not rehearse for this showcase? Was she spending too much time working on her streetfighting skills to do even one vocal warm-up? Say what you will about the men of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise, but at leastin all of their drama, they’re still mostly shown as artists who get their work done. All Teairra Mari has to show for this is another embarrassing fight and a bunch of terrible (but still kind of funny) Catwoman jokes. Neither love nor hip hop plays a factor in this.

What other lessons can be learned from Teairra Mari’s performance and behavior after the fact? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson