love in the wild jesse ali 'Love in the Wild': Jesse wants Ali to 'open up in that more romantic way'Previously on “Love in the Wild,” the new girls sent the lovely Jenny home, but we also got rid of Tara, so it’s kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other.

The Aftermath

Everyone wants to know what happened with Tara and Ken boldly says to Jesse that he did Tara dirty. Ken is aware they slept together and then Jesse wanted nothing to do with her. Good for him for saying something. We love how Ali and others keep calling it a “romantic encounter.” Couldn’t have been that romantic.

Michelle and Ben at the Oasis waste no time in having their own romantic encounter and then so do Yanina and Ken (not at the Oasis, that’d be awkward). Then in the lean-to, Jesse is getting handsy with Ali and she has to tell him to stop. Ew, he is so gross.

The Challenge

They have to collect 55 coconuts, carry them, trade them for a horse, then get a map for the rest of the adventure. The catch at the beginning is the wheelbarrow they are given is in pieces – so do they start carrying coconuts and leave the wheelbarrow or do they take the time to build the wheelbarrow?

For what it’s worth, I’d build the wheelbarrow. But Ken and Yanina have a great idea to just use the barrow part of the contraption to carry coconuts and not waste time in putting the wheels on.

Ali and Jesse spend the time to put it together and then Jesse is convinced they can take all 55 in one trip. Hmm. But then the dummies don’t make sure they have 55 coconuts, plus it’s too heavy and Jesse breaks the wheelbarrow, which puts them in last place, even though every other team had to make two trips for coconuts.

At the rope crossing, all the couples make quick work of the ropes, though Ali and Jesse struggle a bit becuase he won’t shut up or stop touching her, both of which she asked him not to do. He’s just a winner all around, y’all.

At the banana-cutting challenge, Ryan’s potty mouth rears its head and Jenna comments that these adventures bring out things in people that you don’t normally see. Or they let you see the person for who they actually are way before you’d ever see it if you were just dating in the real world.

Miraculously, Ali and Jesse manage to finish first. Aw, he’ll be so mad to be at the Oasis with a girl who doesn’t want to ride his wheelbarrow. And Ali is “unsettled” because she’s off to the Oasis with a man who is “interested” in her, like they’re just put off into the darkness and Jesse might date-rape her or something. I mean, he’s gross, but I’m not sure I smell “sexual assault” on him. They are followed by Ben/Michelle, Jenna/Ryan, Ken/Yanina, Summer/Chase (tent) and Vanessa/Jason (lean-to).

The Oasis

Jesse reassures us that even though he’s had a couple arguments with Ali, he’s still attracted to her (read: he’d still have sex with her) and that if she just gets to know him better, she’ll “open up in that more romantic way” (read: put out).

Chase is really adorable because he’s worried Summer will change her mind about him because he dropped the ball on the challenge, but he apologizes and she seems OK. I like those two.

Back at the Oasis, Jesse wants to know if Ali is “romantically” interested in him at all and she says he pushes her too far outside her comfort zone, which is a very diplomatic way of saying, “Stop being a creeper, dude.” She hilariously calls him the “one-night stand that won’t go away,” which is delightful.

Couples Choice

Ken is nervous because Jesse gets his first choice tonight and the girl cannot refuse him, which isn’t something that had even occurred to me yet. Yikes. That is truly scary. Are there any girls who WANT to be with him at this point? I highly doubt it.

The women do start this week, though, so Ali is up first. But before she can make a choice, Ken pipes up by saying that Jesse is basically a d-bag and he is going to throwdown if he and Yanina get broken up.

Ali then chooses to poach Ben away from Michelle and he can’t say no. He seems very disappointed. Jesse then gets to decide … and Ken is throwing him looks like, “Effing do it, dude. Effing do it. I will eff you up.”

But Jesse decides to pick Michelle so that he can save Ben’s lady friend, which is nice of him. He also claims he was originally going to bow out of the show. Hmph. Then Jenna/Ryan and Ken/Yanina stay together. But before we move on, Ken and Jesse go at it in regards to the way Jesse treated Tara, whom Jesse calls “collateral damage.” He also again calls it a “romantic encounter.” I’m firmly on Team Ken.

Then Summer and Chase stay together, so that means Jason and Vanessa have to leave, which they are bummed about.

All in all, not the funniest episode of the show so far, but hopefully the Ken/Jesse stuff keeps up because it’d be funny to watch Ken knock Jesse down a few pegs. Based on the previews, it looks like there is some of that to look forward to.

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