love in the wild premiere eliminees 'Love in the Wild' premiere: Couples Choice Ceremony is a more brutal Tribal Council“Love in the Wild” is here as the latest summer reality guilty pleasure fare. So what did you think of this “Bachelor-meets-“Survivor” show?

Meet the Contestants

The show kicks off with 10 men and 10 women being dropped in the Costa Rican jungle. From what we understand of the show, each week they’ll be paired up and how they finish in the weekly adventure challenge will determine which couple gets first dibs on saying they want to stay together or try a new partner (plus they’ll get a reward at the Oasis). Also each week, one man and one woman goes home. The final prize is a first-class trip around the world.

The ladies get to pick their partners for the first adventure. Dawn picks Jared, Vanessa chooses Steele, Erica chooses Miles, Samantha picks Mike, Jessica chooses Skip, Kym picks Derek, Heather chooses Ben, Brandee picks Adam, Jess picks Jason and and Theresa gets Peter.

Hilariously, Theresa is bummed to get stuck with “beach dude surfer guy,” while looking like Beach Barbie. Seriously, do you own a mirror, Theresa?

The Adventure/Challenge

The adventure involves constructing a raft, taking it down the river and into the jungle, where they collect elements and complete tasks. Darren reminds them that how they finish in the race will determine how much control they have over picking their next partner.

The notable part of the raft portion is that Dawn does not like Jared’s lack of take-charge-ness – and then their raft falls apart and leaves them floating down the river. As they go to rebuild it, she still does not love how milquetoast he is. Steele loses the map, which could be problematic for him and Vanessa.

Leading the pack are Mike/Samantha. At the top of the Observation Tower, they have to kiss on video before they go back down. Samantha seems intrigued, meanwhile Mike is totally into her because she’s super hot.

Ben is a bit smarmy and looks like a “Twilight” extra, Heather is totally not feeling him and neither am I. He says girls have to be able to handle his sense of humor, but as far as I can see, he doesn’t really have one. Jason/Jess have a heck of a time because Jason is deathly afraid of ants – and he’s a giant wuss about it. Oh my god, dude. Pull it together.

After the couples have all their things collected, they get to ride in a cool rope trolley. Mike/Samantha finish first (in the game and in our hearts so far) and their reward is a wonderful dinner at a waterfall. Heather/Ben finish second, then Adam/Brandee, Peter/Theresa, Skip/Jessica, Miles/Erica, Steele/Vanessa, Jason/Jess and finally Jared/Dawn, after seven hours.

The Oasis/Cabins

Mike and Samantha get some seriously gorgeous digs, which Samantha calls “the world’s coolest treehouse.” For realz. They christen their Oasis by smooching on the bed. Meanwhile, the other couples get their cabins and they’re perfectly fine too, though there is only one bed. Oh whatever, it’s not that big of a deal.

At that night’s party, Ben immediately starts meeting new people and his “humor” is putting everybody off. Seriously, read a room dude. You are obnoxious. There is a funny way to bust balls and be sarcastic and then there’s Ben’s way.

Vanessa is a little possessive of Steele, which the girls have noticed. Meanwhile, Derek is playing the field and Kym is jealous. Of … him? Really?

Jess decides because she’s conservative that Jason has to sleep on the floor, which – no. If it’s YOUR problem, YOU sleep on the floor, whether you’re the girl or not. My boyfriend agrees and goes, “You can share a bed without something happening. He’s not gonna attack you with his penis.” Meanwhile, Heather tells Ben how obnoxious he is. Weirdly, Brandee seems to dig Ben, but we guess it takes all kinds.

The Next Day

Mike and Samantha go on their waterfall-side meal and it is incredible. They go swimming afterward and there is more smooching. Man, they have really hit it off. I’m not sure I see any other couple where I’m certain they will stay together, other than Mike/Samantha. Maybe Miles/Erica.

Dawn and Steele are hitting it off, which is awesome because Vanessa is clearly a crazy loon. I hope Steele leaves Vanessa for Dawn. Vanessa is all, “I will not be IGNORED, Steele.” Seriously, dude, you can’t see it?

Tribal Council Switcheroo Station Couples Choice Ceremony

Mike and Samantha, since they won, get a guaranteed switch – whomever they ask has to say yes (if they want to switch). The rest of the couples have a choice, so if somebody picks you, you can say no an hope somebody else picks you. At the end, one man and one woman will remain and they have to pack their bags.

Brutal. I love it. *maniacal laughter*

Tonight, since the girls chose the guys yesterday, the guys get to go first tonight. Mike and Samantha stay together, which is lovely. Yay Sike! Mamantha?

Heather and Ben are second and they switch, duh. Ben asks Brandee and she says yes. Gross, Brandee. Heather asks Miles and he says yes, though he is hesitant and Erica is surprised he left her. Ooh.

Adam chooses Kym and she agrees. At this point, I think to myself that I’d be hard to say no if somebody higher up picked me just so I didn’t get eliminated. Peter/Theresa are next and Peter chooses Jess, who agrees, and Theresa asks Skip, who says yes. I thought he might so no, he and Jessica seemed to hit it off.

So Jessica asks Derek and he says, “Yes, absolutely.” Heh. Erica is next and she asks Jason, who says yes. Steele/Vanessa are the last couple who get to choose and Steele is the one with all the power. He chooses to stick with Vanessa, which is super lame. Vanessa sucks, dude, plus she’s “boil your bunny” crazy. You can just tell.

And so poor Dawn and Jared are eliminated. That’s a bummer. She got to pick first and she picked wrong. Jared kinda sucked. Dawn seemed cool.

So what do you think, “LITW” fans? Fun show for the summer? We think so.

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