love-in-the-wild-finale-S2.jpgThe “Love in the Wild” Season 2 finale is here. We’re down to Ken and Yanina and Ben and Michelle. Ben and Michelle seem perfectly fine, but we’re really rooting for Ken and Yanina to win.

The Final Adventure

It’s an overnight challenge that kicks off with one of them having to choose to give directions and one choosing to follow. The men both choose give and the women choose follow. Hmph. Ben and Ken are carted off in a truck and are then guiding their partner from a remote location. The girls have to be guided to three stations to collect bicycle parts, then guided to where the men are.

Ben is not exactly the best direction-giver and they get frustrated with each other, with the profanity flowing like mad. Meanwhile, Yanina is doing very well, largely due to Ken’s good directions. But she’s also kind of a warrior, charging through a rice field like a boss.

Ken and Yanina get their tandem bike assembled (despite it being from the “1920s”) and take off. Michelle and Ben aren’t too far behind, though, especially once Ken and Yanina’s bike breaks and they have to start running.

Once they drop off the bikes, they load up with supplies and have a pretty long hike through the jungle. Ken and Yanina stay in the lead, but it’s only by five minutes.

That night, Michelle expresses how great it is that Ben likes her for who she is and calls her “a sweetheart” and whatnot, which is nice. But it makes us sad that this is apparently something new for Michelle.

Day Two

The second day dawns cold and rainy. Ken makes toilet paper coffee, heh, which turns out seemingly better than Ben’s oatmeal with M&Ms in it. Anyway, they take off to decrypt a message and retrieve an Idol from a sea cave.

The Idol-retrieving part goes well, but when they take off into the open ocean to snag a crate, everybody starts struggling with their kayaks. When Ken and Yanina get to the crate, Ken jumps in the water and Yanina just starts floating away. It was pretty bone-headed. So he has to go get her, haul her back to the crate and then they can take off, but Ben and Michelle sneak into the lead.

Once at the beach, which they arrive at neck-and-neck, they open their crates to reveal a second Idol and then it’s a footrace for the finish line. Miraculously, Ken and Yanina are in the lead. They did NOT look in the lead at the beach. Yay for them!

And McCarthy assured us at the start of the season that the first place and second place couples are still together, so that’s great. Good for them.

There should be a reunion special with Mike/Samantha and Miles/Heather from the first season, who are also apparently still together.

Did you enjoy “Love in the Wild” Season 2?

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