jesse love in the wild 'Love in the Wild': Three original girls stay, three go home“Love in the Wild” picks up right where last week ended – six new girls are there to give the guys a shot at a threesome. And the original women are NOT happy about it. At all. Though Summer’s lioness analogy is not correct – prides have multiple female lions all the time, with usually only one or two male lions.

Picking Teams

Chase picks Jenna, who looks a lot like Ali in the face, actually; Ryan chooses Natalie; Jesse picks Melissa and Tara is ready to claw her eyes out; Jason picks Vanessa; Ken chooses Lindsey, which leaves Boobs McGee with Ben – and Jenny looks so, so sad. She puts on a brave front, but she looks crushed. Don’t worry, Jenny, you are so much prettier than her.

When Jenny gets back to the lean-to, she tries to strong arm Boobs about her connection with Ben, but it’s not confident enough. She is so scared, y’all! Poor Jenny.

Ken is adorably up front with Lindsey – he and Yanina are a couple and he’s not one of the “single guys” out there. Awww. Lindsey is understandably annoyed.

Jesse snots that he and Tara did have a “romantic connection,” which we all know might mean they had sex, but he thinks he can do better. Wow. We might have agreed before you said that, dude, but maybe not anymore.

The Adventure

The trios get a map to some amber, then they are cuffed together with ankle cuffs and away we go. Ha! The first leg of the challenge is one of the girls has to be unlocked, then the guy takes the remaining girl down into a cave to kiss her. Nice.

Jenny just keeps hurting my heart, saying to Boobs, “At this point, we’ve been through so much…” and Boobs is like, “Just go.” Seriously, Jenny – desperation is not going to win Ben over.

Yanina and Ken continue to be adorable – she likes it that he’s encouraging to Lindsey. I hope those two crazy kids go all the way.

Down in the cave is a number puzzle to open a crate. Summer shows up with Ryan, while Jason chooses Vanessa over Cina, Jesse chooses Melissa over Tara and Chase takes Ali.

When Jenny forgets the map back at the crates, Ben gets really mad at her and thinks she’s sabotaging because she doesn’t want to go to the Oasis with Boobs. Their kiss is frosty.

The next leg is hitching ropes to palm trees, then digging where the ropes cross. Ben/Jenny/Boobs stay in first and win, followed by Ken/Lindsey/Yanina (cabins), Summer/Ryan/Natalie (cabins), Jason/Cina/Vanessa (tent), Chase/Ali/Jenna (tent) and finally Jesse/Tara/Melissa (lean-to).


Ken confesses to starting to have feelings for Lindsey – um, really/ Or you just mean you want to jump her?

At the Oasis, Michelle misuses the word “ironic” because she and Jenny are so different. Meanwhile, Ali decides to hide the towels from the new girls as part of the “hazing” or something. She’s so dumb and has the maturity of an 8-year-old.

Michelle and Ben play pool and she says he’s supposed to let her win, which is gross. She’s no Jenny. Ben remarks the physical attraction is there, but he doesn’t know if there’s anything else. Whereas with Jenny, he seems to have the other stuff, but not a ton of physical attraction. Interesting.

Jesse, who is fast becoming the mack daddy of the show, is off romancing Ali because, you know, he can do better and has to see what’s what out there.

The Reward

Jenny’s jealousy and desperation is palpable, as she calls Michelle “Juggs” to Ben’s face and then snorts derisively when he says he hasn’t noticed. Which is true – of course he’s noticed. How could you NOT? But Jenny needs to play this way cooler than she is playing it. She is shooting herself in the foot.

Ben is struggling because he has really hit it off with Jenny, but probably more as friends, while he finds Michelle attractive and she’s not a complete idiot.

The Cabins

Chase and Summer seem to be hitting it off while they play darts, while Jenna is making a play for Ryan. Meanwhile, Jesse has a talk with Tara, calling her in a talking-head “not a bad option.” Ugh, he is so gross. She’s no prize either, but he’s being such a jerk behind her back. To her face, he basically tells her to find someone else and she’s lamenting their “intimate relations.” Well, don’t jump in the sack with the first guy who looks at you sideways, Tara.

Couples Choice Ceremony

Ben and his ladies are up first and he chooses Michelle. Jenny looks just heartbroken. But yeah, Ben has really only liked her as a friend. You could tell.

Ken naturally chooses Yanina – yay! Ryan chooses to switch to Natalie, which Summer is not upset about. Jason chooses Vanessa, which puts three original girls into the unmatched area. Wow. Chase chooses Ali, and then Jesse chooses Tara, which is a surprise. Jesse’s reasoning? “You’re not as pretty, but you did me a solid,” as my husband remarks.

Now it’s time to poach from the unmatched area. Ken declines, Ryan switches out Natalie for Jenna, Jason keeps Vanessa (to which she says, “I almost made a tear. That doesn’t happen often.” You almost MADE a tear? Yeah, it’s hard to make any emotions with all that plastic). Chase switches out Ali for Summer and finally Jesse swaps out Tara for Ali. Tara is super pissed, but like we said – don’t sleep with every guy who comes along and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

So, going home are Tara, Natalie, Jenny, Cina, Melissa and Lindsey, and staying are Ben/Michelle, Ken/Yanina, Ryan/Jenna, Jason/Vanessa, Chase/Summer and Jesse/Ali.

What do you think? Are you surprised by anyone who went home? We’re sad to lose Jenny – she seems like a great girl, but she’s also not really right for this show.

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