ken yanina love in the wild 'Love in the Wild' winners Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria: 'We're in love'Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria, a couple together since the very first day of “Love in the Wild,” spoke with the press Wednesday (July 25) about their experience on the show and what is next for them as a couple.

On the dramatic finish, which looked really close at the finish line:

Ken: “There was some creative editing there last night [laughs] We beat Ben and Michelle pretty soundly. There was — I don’t know how many minutes between the two of us, but we arrived at the beach and opened our crate many, many minutes before Ben and Michelle arrived at the beach. So that was just some dramatic effect that took place last night with the editing.”

On whether they were ever worried the show was just not for them:

Yanina: “I had that moment towards the beginning of the show when we had first met and these new girls show up. [I thought] maybe this is not for me, I’ll just go home. That was my little moment there, looking at Ken, who you gonna pick? [laughs]”

Ken: “For me, I was never concerned with the adventure part of the experience. We were both really positive throughout the adventures. There was never a time we wanted to give up during the adventure, but certainly there were some challenges and some stressful moments with the relationship-building … the entire experience really tests your relationship. The physical stuff we could handle. She’s an incredible athlete. I thought Yanina, compared to the other women on the show, outside of the water, she was probably the most athletic female contestant.”

On their status as a couple:

Ken: “We’re in love, we’re really happy that we can now be public about it. It’s been really fun holding hands and sneaking around Miami and Chiago behind the scenes. We’ve met each other’s family and friends and now to be able to let everybody know about it, it’s fun.”

: “It’s like losing 15 pounds just by being able to say we won and we’re together and we love each other. It’s such a big weight we’ve had to carry between the end of the show and now.”

As for the trip around the world, they get to pick their destinations and Ken tells us that French Polynesia is where they’re starting out.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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