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Winning the lottery — it’s the stuff of dreams. But for seven employees at a gas station in Queens, the dream is going to become a reality. Unfortunately for “Lucky 7,” there may be a little bit of a nightmare included in this new ABC drama.

The story focuses on the employees of a gas station who have been chipping into a lottery pool for months with no expectation of winning. That’s too bad — they all need the money. Matt (Matt Long) needs to find a home for his girlfriend and kids. Matt’s brother Nicky (Stephen Louis Grush) is a debt-ridden ex-con. Samira (Summer Bishil) just wants to go to Juilliard. Denise (Lorraine Bruce) would have the time to fix her marriage. The manager, Bob (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) wants to retire. Leanne (Anastasia Phillips) can help her daughter realize her dreams. And Antonio (Luis Antonio Ramos) just wants to give his family a better life.

But things get complicated quickly. Not everyone will share in the big jackpot after they win. And past crimes may come back to haunt everyone, no matter how much money they have won.

“Lucky 7” will air Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown