lucy lawless trespassing getty Lucy Lawless pleads guilty to trespassing on oil drilling shipXena, Warrior Princess/Cylon No. 3 is not afraid to get political.

Actress Lucy Lawless pleaded guilty Thursday (June 14) to trespassing on an oil-drilling ship that was leaving a New Zealand port back in February. She and other Greenpeace members were trying to keep the ship from heading out to sea, reports the AP.

Lawless will be sentenced in September and faces a maximum of three years in jail after she and five other environmental activists spent four days perched atop a 174-foot drilling tower on the Noble Discoverer in a protect against Arctic oil exploration.

“Yeah, I think we’ve helped kick off a great movement. We want to tell [deep-sea oil drillers] absolutely under no circumstances is this a good idea. They are robbing our children of their birthright to a clean and healthy planet, and they know it,” Lawless tells the New Zealand Herald.

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