Chris "Ludacris" Bridges did some pretty fast explaining in response to the controversy he created at the 2005 VIBE Awards. Apparently, the blogs were burning up with irate posts. So for everyone out there who was angered by the artist’s decision to wear a Confederate flag on his jacket during his performance of Ray Charles‘ classic, "Georgia," here’s the explanation from his his website:

"The discussions that have been sparked after my performance of ‘Georgia’ at the 2005 VIBE Awards is my exact reason for wearing a depiction of the Confederate Flag. This flag represents the oppression that we as African Americans have endured for years; this is a symbol of segregation and the racism that reigned not only throughout the South but throughout the entire United States. "I wore it to represent where we came from, to remind people that Ray Charles’ original ‘Georgia’ was written because of that racism." Actually Ludacris, Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell wrote the song, and as far as I know it has nothing to do with racism.

"At the end of the performance, I removed and stomped on the flag to reveal my version of the flag; a flag comprised of black, red and green. Those are the colors of Africa. It is a representation and my interpretation of where we were and where we need to go. Racism is just as prevalent now and if we are not constantly mindful of our history and take charge of it; history is destined to repeat itself because of ignorance. In order to move forward, we must never forget where we were.

"I hope people continue to question and challenge authority, media and themselves because questioning and challenging can only lead to enlightenment."

Thanks for the clarification. As to the other deluge of questions about why the awards show was so boring, we have no idea.

Posted by:LATimes