luke bryan gi Luke Bryan apologizes for All Star game National Anthem snafuCountry singer Luke Bryan is apologizing to anyone who was offended by his writing words to the National Anthem on his hand when he sung the difficult song at baseball’s Major League All-Star game on Monday (July 10).

“I had a few keys words written down to insure myself that I wouldn’t mess up. I just wanted to do my best. I promise it was from the heart,” writes Bryan in a tweeted apology. “If I offended anyone with my approach I sincerely apologize. Anytime I sing the anthem it is an honor and my heart beats out of my chest.”

Bryan had been criticized when it became obvious he was reading some of the song’s words off his hand. Some were so offended they called the singer “unpatriotic.”

“Luke Bryan’s version of the national anthem @ the All-Star game last night was an epic fail. He needs to learn respect & remember the lyrics!” tweeted one detractor.

But, as pointed out by People magazine’s editors, Bryan isn’t the first singer to forget the tricky song’s words. Olympian Carl Lewis along with singers Jesse McCartney, Steven Tyler, Michael Bolton and — most recently — Christina Aguilera have all managed to mangle the lyrics.

Bryan, it should be noted, will be performing live from Central Park on Friday’s “Good Morning America.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson