luke bryan dancing gi Luke Bryan, please dance this way on 'CMA Country Christmas'If the only time you’ve ever seen Luke Bryan perform is on TV during one of his snoozefest subdued appearances at any given awards show, then you have been missing out on some serious roof-raising, booty-shaking skills.

Maybe tonight — please, please tonight? — Luke will finally bust a move on ABC’s “CMA Country Christmas.” Because we all know he’s got that boogie. Just check out the viral video some kind soul created by mashing together clip after clip of Mr. Bryan in concert, shaking his rump, getting his swerve on, and even attempting his best twerk.

Fair warning though: The lyrics of the rap song Luke’s little jig is set to (Finnaticz’ “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun”) are a little vulgar-slash-R-rated. As in, you definitely don’t want your grandma or your boss listening in.

But if you’re alone or have headphones handy, go ahead and enjoy the show. Because how does that old saying go? “The Wrangler butts drives us nuts?” Get it, Luke.

Posted by:mchance