luke hemsworth chris liam gi Luke Hemsworth finally bringing his hotness to HollywoodThe mysterious third Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth, has finally decided to grace America with his hotness presence. While the erstwhile Thor, Chris Hemsworth, and “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth (fiance to Miley Cyrus) have lived and worked in Hollywood for years now, their sibling stayed behind in their native Australia with his family.

Now, Deadline reports that the eldest member of the Hemsworth clan plans to move to Hollywood at an undetermined point in the future. He’s ready to relocate, but the timeline isn’t set because he also has to move over his wife and three young kids.

Hemsworth has starred in Australian projects like “Bike Wars: Brothers in Arms,” about feuding motorcycle clubs in 1980s Sydney, and famed soap opera “Neighbours.” Interestingly, he’s the first Hemsworth to get into acting, having co-starred in the children’s series “The Saddle Club” a decade ago.

Posted by:Jean Bentley