lululemon pants see through downward dog Lululemon pants restocked after see through downward dog debacle

Sounds like eBay sellers may be losing some business after Lululemon Athletica announced a return to stores of their recalled yoga pants. 
The Vancouver-based sportswear company announced they were pulling what amounted to 17% of their stock in yoga pants after the latest batch proved to be see-through during yoga moves.
Because as it turns out, A-Listers like Reese Witherspoon and Megan Fox — and other yogis willing to pay the sky-high price point for the popular pants — weren’t really looking to show off their naked bums while doing downward dog. Huh, imagine that.
Lulu’s stock plummeted briefly following the recall, and Lulu afficianodos scrambled to eBay to get their fix. But the Wall Street Journal reports the stock quickly recovered. The brand has developed new standards for its Luon fabric, which is known to suck in and lift up in all the right places. So, basically, if you wear these yoga pants, you don’t really have to do the yoga. Score.
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