What does a girl have to do to get a little attention for a small movie these days?

She only has to wear very little.

Like Lydia Hearst did for the recently banned poster for "The Last International Playboy."


Lydia is the socialite heiress daughter of the socialite heiress Patricia Hearst. That’s right. Tonya.

Lydia, who has appeared once on "Gossip Girl," takes off her clothes for some hot sex scenes in the movie, including the opening scene with Jason Behr. Check out the first few scenes of the trailer to get a glimpse.

Hearst told the Daily Transom, a column in the New York Observer, "I'm very happy with the photo." She added that she's baffled over the banning of the poster in several cities, including Seattle, Chicago and Dallas.

She thinks Calvin Klein and Armani ads are way racier. For the record, so do we. What do you think of the banned poster? Tame or tasteless?

But, more important, what does her family think of the racy movie ads?

"My sister saw it when she was grabbing lunch with her husband somewhere in Midtown," Ms. Hearst said. "She saw one of the buses go by and picked up the phone and called me and was so excited."

"They love it," Hearst told the Observer. "They're very supportive of my career and my work. I would never do anything to upset my family.”

Famous last words…

I watched her mother seductively model in a Thierry Mugler fashion show in Paris in the early '90s (or was it late '80s?), so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

But so far Lydia has no Symbionese Liberation Army affiliations.

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Photo credits: The Last International Playboy, WireImage