lying game twins 'Lying Game' recap: Fraternal TwinsFresh off the five-minutes-old revelation that her supposed best friend has been duping her for the last several months, Mads is more than enthusiastic to join the bandwagon with Emma and Thayer. Frankly, I think she’s just happy to find out that the Sutton who hit on her man isn’t in town at the moment. Mads is a simple girl. She also remains simple (as in “not intellectually equal to her peers”) in the insistence that Alec couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the twins’ separation, their wildly divergent lives, nor Derek’s murder — despite the approximately 596 our junior sleuths have found that suggest as much.

To prove Alec’s “innocence,” Emma and the Rybak kids (that should totes be an Eau Claire, Wisc., bluegrass band) head to a frat party. You see, the frat president used to buy drugs from Derek, though his drug bust (that computer whiz Thayer unearthed) never made it to public record. Oh, and look! Alec is an active alumnus of the very same fraternity. Make that 597 connections. Mads gets all tarted up and works her magic on El Presidente while Emma works over a guy she recognizes from Derek’s funeral. Long story short, he was sent to pick up the Prez’s drugs and saw an altercation between Derek and none other than Alec. Related note: Everyone in Phoenix is a frakking idiot. Why would you go to the funeral of the person whose murder you just witnessed when you believe it was the District Attorney who committed it?

Mads and Emma totally blatantly invite Rebeccannie to “lunch,” a.k.a. La Grande Inquisici�n (we are in Phoenix, after all), where they indiscreetly ask about Alec’s whereabouts the night of Derek’s murder and squabble about whether Rebeccannie’s alibi for Alec “settles” anything. Rebeccannie immediately reports this back to Alec, who pretty much couldn’t be any more suspicious… until now. Way to go, junior detectives!

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